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Led by accomplished tech and business leaders alongside seasoned non-profit executives, the ICF marries astute execution power with unwavering compassion, ensuring efficient and impactful resource allocation. Our current leadership team, all volunteers, proudly holds a track record of raising over $1.5 billion in both commercial and non-profit roles




Our Champions, a global network spanning across continents, embody a vibrant tapestry of individuals from diverse backgrounds—entrepreneurs, business leaders, community champions, social activists, artists, philanthropists, and more. Each one serves as an essential force driving our mission. It is their unwavering dedication that enabled us to swiftly raise crucial funds and deploy them within a matter of weeks to address the urgent needs of our children.

Become a Champion

Making a Real Impact, One Event at a Time

Join our expanding global community of ICF champions! If you're someone who thrives on hands-on involvement, organizing events, and rallying your community and network for meaningful causes, this is the perfect avenue for you to make a difference. Host events, fundraisers, or spearhead campaigns to support our cause. Your dedication not only generates essential funds but also raises awareness about the substantial challenges these children face. Whether it's a charity run, a bake sale, or a community gathering, your efforts have the power to create a meaningful impact in their lives.



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