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Yom Ha'atzmaut Campaign

ICF Marks First Yom Ha'atzmaut Since the War Began with a Global Campaign to Support the Children of October 7th

A Night In Hollywood by the JCC Brooklyn

Get Your Tickets!

Ishay Ribo - Fundraising Concert

ישי ריבו במופע התרמה בחסות ‘אנשים ומחשבים’ ‘מיוזיק סנטר’ ו’צ’פניק’ לעמותת עטופים באהבה

Embracing with Love

"Small Coffee, Big Connection"
Collaboration of ICF, "Elite Coffee" and the "Mothers with Meaning" community

As of 19.3.2024, Good Deeds Day! We are proud to launch our "Small Coffee, Big Connection" campaign.

Led by our ICF's Sigalit Niewodowski, and in collaboration with the "Mothers with Meaning" Community, and "Elite Coffee", for the children of the ICF.

Beautifully packaged coaster sets (5 in a pack) will be available for sale on the "Elite Coffee" website and in select branches.

To place orders of more than 10 packages, please contact Sigalit: or 052-258-6737

Launch of Kupot Fundraiser

Mission Possible - ICF Tech Guild

21.2.2024 | Alon Olarchik – Charity Event

The Guitar Loft for the ICF

Charity Auction


NYE Fundraiser


Israel Restaurants for ICF


An Evening to Benefit Israel's 10/7 Orphaned Children


Israeli tech entrepreneurs launch bid to raise $100m for kids orphaned by Hamas war

The Times of Israel

High-Tech Entrepreneurs To Raise 100M For Israeli Orphans


Entrepreneurs launch Israeli Children’s Fund, expected to raise $100m for children affected by the 7/10 tragedy


Israeli Children’s Fund aims to raise $100 million for bereft children following deadly Hamas attack

Jerusalem Post

“Israeli Children’s Fund” Initiative Launched to Raise $100 Million for Children Who Lost Parents in October 7th Tragedy


We want to raise $100m for Israeli children affected by terror attacks

Jewish News

Israeli Tech Companies Use ‘Community’ And ‘Creative Energy’ To Adapt During Conflict With Hamas


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