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Providing Israeli children who have lost one or both parents to acts of terrorism, or who have one or both parents being held hostage, with the security and stability they need to thrive

Our Story

On October 7th 2023, the lives of numerous innocent Israeli children were impacted by the deadly attacks orchestrated by Hamas terrorists. These children, now wholly or partially devoid of parental love, guidance, and support, don't have the luxury to wait for the dust to settle to get back on their feet. Now they face the daunting and near-impossible challenge of coping with this tremendous loss. These children are the beating heart behind the establishment of the Israeli Children’s Fund (ICF). 

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs from the tech and mental health space who have pledged to ensure these children are provided with the immediate and steady support that they need to heal and move forward today, and for years to come. We commit to supporting each child with the necessary social and professional care, as well as covering all the financial and logistical needs of their guardian families. The ICF is committed to the efficient, impactful, and prompt allocation of resources to allow these children a fair chance at life, and ensure they thrive despite their permanent trauma.

Our Vision

Shaping the futures of Israeli child survivors who have lost a parent to the Hamas terror attack or whose parent is being held hostage, helping them heal the wounds of the past and allowing them to grow and fulfill their full potential .

What We Do

Immediate Term

We will provide immediate financial support. This includes funding the children’s home schooling and care and providing critical funds to their extended families who are responsible for things like rent and fuel until they can get back on their feet.  We will collaborate with leading foundations and government agencies on the ground to support surviving children

Long Term

We have an ambitious vision to provide the fertile ground to build these survivors into Israel's future leaders. To bring this vision to life, we are taking a holistic and long term approach in order to surround the children with care as they grow.


We want to provide these children with funding in critical milestones of their lives, including critical care, education, healthcare and others.

What Makes the ICF Unique?

Experienced Leadership

Our team of senior executives in Israel and the US from the tech and mental health space has the proven ability to grow initiatives from 0 to 100. Our collective experience grants us the ability to handle such a sensitive and traumatic event, especially one that is the first of its kind. Having raised over $1.5B in commercial and non-profit capacities, we're now applying that same experienced business acumen with compassion to these children's broken lives through efficient and impactful use of resources. 

Unprecedented Challenge, Innovative Solutions 

This new catastrophic problem requires an innovative, and thorough solution. For each child ripped from their parents, we will commit an unparalleled level of resources, to ensure that every contribution provides both immediate relief and sustained impact, paving the way for their future success. 

Tech and Health Industry Expertise

Our specific tech and mental health knowledge combined with our startup experience makes us well-equipped to lead the way to a better future for these children.

Our Partners


Our Team

Led by a team of startup founders in Israel and the US, experienced non-profit leaders and executives, the ICF combines business acumen with compassion, ensuring efficient and impactful utilization of resources. Our current leadership team had raised over $1.5B in commercial and non-profit capacities.

Scientific Board

Our scientific board is made of leaders and experts from the social work and trauma fields. Together, we are building the strategy that will maximize the impact on the children’s lives.

“Children are the world's most
valuable resource and its best
hope for the future."

John F. Kennedy

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